Audit and Support Services

An LDX Solutions audit is a comprehensive evaluation of the air emissions control system and equipment conditions. This evaluation is the first critical step in determining the preventative maintenance plan. An LDX Solutions audit can be completed on-line or off-line, customer preference.

Benefits of a Preventative Maintenance Plan

  • Reduction of operational costs due to detailed audits diagnostics, and monitoring of the system
  • Less downtime because of proactive preventative maintenance and service
  • Longevity of equipment by utilizing quality replacement parts
  • Maximized productivity through comprehensive operator training

Leading to…

  • Increased efficiency
  • Optimal performance


LDX Solutions team members are trained and equipped to perform assessments on all air pollution control equipment. After completing an audit, LDX Solutions will provide a comprehensive written service report to include any recommendations for reduction of operating costs, as well as, a quarterly maintenance plan tailored for your company’s specific need.

Some of our solutions include:

  • Rebuilds and retrofits
  • Air flow studies
  • CEMs Testing

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