Dustex Brand

Our DustexTM brand products are the development of the company that was started in Buffalo, New York, USA in 1947.  The company’s main specialty was high-efficiency cyclones in response to a need for a product collector in the food process industry. Since then, Dustex continued to design and engineer particulate matter control systems for all industrial applications, becoming experts in fabric filter dust collectors (baghouses). In the mid-1980’s, Dustex expanded its product offering to meet wider market requirements by introducing new equipment based on advanced cleaning technologies. A patented cartridge collector line offers higher capacity per filter elements, clean side change-out, and the potential for manually cleaning a plugged cartridge in place. Dustex continues to provide standard and custom designed collectors to meet customer needs.

LDX Solutions high-efficiency cyclones

In 2007, Dustex took advantage of the expertise within the company and developed DustexTM branded “clean air technologies” to address acid gas (SOx, HCl, HF), mercury and heavy metal, NOx, and gas temperature control through its suite of air pollution control technologies.

In 2016, Dustex acquired Lundberg, located in Redmond, Washington, USA, to round out its portfolio of clean air technologies with the team’s development, expertise, and experience of the Geoenergy® brand. Included with this is the largest and most experienced team of field service professionals dedicated to support of the DustexTM and Geoenergy® products at customer facilities. Today, we are known as LDX Solutions – one company.

Hallmarks of the achievement and success of the DustexTM brand are:

  • Over 600 DustexTM systems installations
  • Installations in over 20 different countries
  • Installations in over 50 different industries and applications

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