LDX Solutions is Your One-Stop-Shop For Air Pollution Control & Pneumatic Conveyance Equipment

LDX Solutions provides design & engineering, fabrication, installation, & aftermarket support for the production of all Building Materials. We have a long and impressive record of products & service in these industries:

  • Cement, Brick, Tiles
  • Wallboard, Sheetrock
  • Metals​
  • Insulation​
  • Wood Products
  • Plastic
  • Glass​
  • Sand, Clay​
  • Shingles

Wood Products

LDX Solutions is a leading supplier of Air Pollution Control and Pneumatic Conveyance solutions for wood products in the building materials Industry.

  • AC Plywood​
  • CDX Plywood​
  • Dimensional Lumber​
  • EWP​
  • Hardboard​
  • Hardwood Plywood​
  • LVL​
  • MDF​
  • OSB​
  • Particle Board​
  • Plywood​
  • SPF Lumber​
  • Treated Lumber​
  • Underlayment​
  • Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)​
  • Glue Laminated Timber (GLT )​
  • Finger-joined lumber​
Wood Products Industry

Let LDX Solutions Be Your Building Materials Industry Solution

For A Cleaner World

Trust LDX Solutions to keep your pollution control & pneumatic conveyance systems up & running at peak efficiency. We service all OEM systems with our “best in industry” Aftermarket Parts & Service.