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Project Overview

Successful incineration of process streams while meeting EU BREF emission standards.

Dates: 2017-2018
Solution Type: Environmental & Chemical processing / by-product recovery

Due to production increases and stringent environmental requirements, a large European mill contacted Lundberg seeking an alternative solution to incinerate concentrated non-condensable gas (CNCG), dilute non-condensable gas (DNCG), and methanol. The mill was looking for a solution that could be integrated into their existing CNCG and DNCG collection system and existing methanol stripping system. The new system would supplant an older, existing incineration system that could not meet emission standards.

Lundberg analyzed the mill’s process data and current configuration, and designed a new incineration system to meet the mill’s needs. The new system included a low-NOx incinerator, waste heat boiler, quench and absorption tower. The incinerator utilizes CNCG and methanol as fuel, and DNCG as combustion air. The waste heat boiler recovers a significant portion of the heat released to generate medium pressure steam. SO2 is efficiently removed from the flue gas in the absorption tower.

Due to the toxic and flammable nature of the process chemicals, many safety features were incorporated into the design of the system to assure reliable and safe operation. Lundberg also supplied training, commissioning and startup services for the incineration system. The incineration system was started up successfully and project objectives fulfilled.