Aftermarket Parts

LDX Solutions offers aftermarket parts, as well as maintenance and support services. We support all Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM’s) air pollution control equipment, not just for LDX Solutions (DustexTM, Lundberg®, and Geoenergy® brands) installations. LDX Solutions recommends starting with an audit to assist in identifying any issues and/or potential for future issues. This will enable minimization of future costs and the ability to support compliance needs, as well as anticipate future concerns. Don’t forget about our popular vacuum valve for hopper discharges, bins, cyclones, or any type of dust collector operating under negative pressure.

Replacement Parts

Your single source supplier/manufacturer for your maintenance and replacement part needs. These include the following (but not limited to):

Bags (all materials &sizes) | Cages| Leak Detection Powder | Precoat | Blowpipe | Tubes | Cartridges Filters | Diaphragm/Solenoid Valves and Repair Kits | Timer Boards | Door Gaskets | PLC System Components | Fans & Accessories | Instrumentation | Bulkhead Fittings
For a complete list please email or please call (678) 213-0295.

LDX Solutions wet electrostatic precipitator
LDX Solutions Selective Non Catalytic Reduction
LDX Solutions Dry Sorbent Injection
LDX Solutions Activated Carbon Injection
LDX Solutions Baghouse Filter
LDX Solutions Cyclone Dust Extractor
LDX Solutions Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer


LDX Solutions provides custom fabrication and assemblies to meet our customers’ needs.

LDX Solutions Wet Scrubber
LDX Solutions Baghouse
LDX Solutions dust cyclone
LDX Solutions cyclone dust collector
LDX Solutions replacement part needs
LDX Solutions SCR System
LDX Solutions selective catalytic reduction
industrial baghouse install time

Control Panels

Control panels and time sequence panels are built, wired, and tested at LDX Solutions on-site facility.
We can provide customers with troubleshooting and any electrical maintenance or spare part needs.

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