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Manufacturing Efficiencies

LDX Solutions works with a broad spectrum of clients to create efficiencies in their pulping facilities. We help lower greenhouse gas emissions, drive down operating costs, and eliminate costly maintenance issues. We can customize a plan that reduces your organization’s impact on the environment while also saving money and improving your bottom line.

LDX Solutions has helped our clients reduce energy costs through efficient applications of our technologies, as well as through recovery and efficient use of waste heat and low-level energy sources.

blow heat accumulator

Blow Heat Accumulator

Blow Heat Recovery

Blow Heat Recovery System

Blow Heat Recovery System

Our blow heat recovery system is designed to take a batch process and turn it into a continuous, dependable heat source that can be applied to other uses within the plant. Lundberg systems are designed to capture the hot vapors from the batch digester blow tank and recover the latent heat. Heat recovery is accomplished heating process water, heating boiler feed water or pre-evaporation of black liquor.  

Our systems are designed to account for both the environmental and energy recovery needs of the mill.The system is tailored to address special requirements posed by digester blow heat and is specifically designed to fit your existing system.

Heat recovery may be accomplished through several possible methods including heating process water, boiler feed water heating, or pre-evaporation of black liquor.

Thermomechanical Pulping (TMP) Heat Recovery

Heat recovery from a Thermomechanical Pulping (TMP) plant is available at a number of different levels depending upon your mill’s process and heat utilization requirements.

Primary TMP refiners operating at elevated pressures blow pulp at high pressures, generating contaminated steam. This steam can be recovered as clean steam at a slightly reduced pressure using a falling film reboiler.

Often, the secondary, tertiary and rejects refiners are atmospheric operation and generate contaminated steam containing a substantial amount of air. This heat may be recovered as either hot process water using shell and tube condensers or as hot process condensate using a direct contact condenser.

Direct Contact Heater/Cooler

Thermomechanical Pulping

TMP Reboiler

TMP Reboiler

TMP Reboiler

Heat recovery from a thermomechanical pulping (TMP) plant is available but the methods depend on your mill’s process and heat utilization requirements. Our systems are designed to minimize fiber carry-over while utilizing the elevated temperature and pressure created in the primary refiners to provide clean steam using a falling film reboiler. Boiler feed water is circulated on the shell side of the reboiler to provide clean steam for reuse in your process. We also provide systems that can generate hot water if additional steam is not of value in your facility.  

Indirect Black Liquor Heating

LDX Solutions pioneered the technology of indirect heating of black liquor at firing solids in 1982.

LDX Solution’s heating systems utilize liquor circulation to maintain velocity within the heater at varying boiler operating rates.   Location of the heater downstream of the boiler nozzle feed pumps and the use of a recirculation pump to offset the pressure drop through the heater means that the customer doesn’t need to modify or change their nozzle feed pumps. Pressure drop in the heater is minimized by flow enhancing inserts inside the tubes which promote turbulence, allowing the total amount of recirculated flow to be reduced.

When operated as designed, cleaning of the system is performed during the scheduled recovery boiler outage.  


Heavy Liquor Heater

Improve System Safety & Reduce Energy Consumption

Heavy Liquor Heaters 2

Heavy Liquor Heaters

For pulp and paper mills, indirect heating of high solids black liquor fired in a recovery boiler has many benefits compared with direct steam injection. Liquor temperature can be maintained more closely than a direct unit, giving better control of combustion and reduction of carry over. There is no dilution of the liquor with steam condensate, and the absence of direct contact minimizes the risk of diluting the black liquor below the safe firing concentration. These benefits improve system safety and reduce energy consumption.

Digester Heat Recovery

LDX Solutions designs heat recovery systems for most continuous digesters found in pulp and paper mills. These heat recovery systems can be designed for Kamyr™, Pandia™, M&D™ and other continuous digesters. Since there are many differences in the pulping process and equipment, the heat recovery systems are customized for individual applications. Lundberg systems can reduce energy usage and improve turpentine recovery.

Blow-Heat Heat Exchangers

Blow-Heat Heat Exchangers

Continuous Digester Systems

Turbine Generator Water Heaters

Turbine Generator Water Heaters

For the large continuous digester systems, the heat is recovered from extraction liquor flash tanks and the steaming vessel. In mills pulping pine or other resinous softwood, the continuous digester heat recovery system also doubles as the turpentine recovery system. 

In batch digester systems, digester heat is absorbed into the accumulator and distributed to many potential process in the mill, including boiler feed water, bleach plant water, and liquor heating or pre-evaporation.


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