Our Western Pneumatics Technology

LDX Solutions provides the best solutions for the wood products industry through our Western Pneumatics technology.

With tens of thousands of systems installed all over the world since 1980, you can count on LDX Solutions for all your wood handling needs.

Our engineers, fabricators and installers allow our customers to look to LDX Solutions for a turn-key relationship.  Currently, we have offices in Eugene, Oregon and Ruston, Louisiana with 280,000 SF of total manufacturing space. 

Quad Pack Cyclone

Quad Pack Cyclone

Dust Collection & Pneumatic Conveyance

LDX Solutions engineers dust control systems to operate based on plant criteria and processes.  Our process engineers work with the customer to design a system best suited to the process using a mix of  Western Pneumatics, Lundberg, Dustex, & Geoenergy equipment.  The equipment is fabricated at our shops and erected by LDX Solutions installers.  We control the entire process to ensure on time delivery of quality systems that stay within budget.  With over 40 years of experience, LDX Solutions can execute your product material handling needs for both low pressure aspiration and high pressure conveying.  Click on links below to learn more! 

Dust Collection Systems (DCS)

Dust Collection Systems

Finger Jointing & Grinding

LDX Solutions is a manufacturing company with fabrication facilities located in both Eugene, OR and Ruston, LA & a machine shop in Eugene. 

Our proprietary product line is diverse and vast, this would include our pneumatics and finger jointer lines of equipment. Our pneumatic equipment line allows us to create low- and high-pressure systems.   

Our experienced applications team will solve your product handling needs. Click on links below to learn more!



LDX Solutions has a dedicated parts and service team located at the main office.  An extensive inventory of parts is kept on hand for same day shipment. We can be reached toll free at 1 (800) 647-6167

Large Cyclone


LDX Solutions build equipment based on customer designs for facilities across the country.  Our custom products can include Wet Precipitators, RTO’s, Dryer systems, dampers, stacks, large mild steel or stainless-steel ducting, and more. 


  • Skilled design team
  • AutoCAD
  • Inventor 3D

Fabrication Shop

  • Amada Laser
  • Amada Hydraulic 350 Ton Press
  • Cincinnati 230 Ton Press
  • Cincinnati Shear
  • Dake Cold Saw
  • ESAB Plasma Machine
  • Marvel Band Saw
  • Roundo Plate Angle Rolls
  • FICEP Mechanical Iron Worker
  • GEKA Hydraulic Iron Worker

Machine Shop

  • 6 CNC Machine Centers
  • 6 Manual Mills
  • 5 Manual Lathes
  • 7 Saws
  • 5 Grinders
  • 5 Drills
  • Support Equipment
Dryer System


LDX can assess, repair, rebuild, and advise on the next steps to have your blower back in working condition. Common styles are stocked on the shelf for emergency situations.

Re-machined housing to a common length, re-machined both impellers to common length and balanced both, replaced set of drive gears due to being worn, and repaired bearing cartridges.

Remanufactured Sutorbilt Blowers

We offer remanufactured Sutorbilt blowers with the same warranty as new but at a significant cost savings and a shorter lead time. 

Remanufactured Sutorbilt Blower 1

Mechanical Installation

The Machinery Group of LDX Solutions provides various types of Western Pneumatics finger jointers, grinders, wood handling machines and technical support. Click on links below to learn more!

Finger Jointing Systems


GR 2500 Grinder

GR 2500 Grinder

Structural Finger Jointer

structural finger

LDX Product & Solutions for General Offerings

Find out how LDX Solutions can Optimize your Industry

Further making us the best solution for your Energy Saving needs is our unparalleled service & life-cycle support. See how our Aftermarket team can keep you online & make you more profitable, regardless of the equipment you currently use today.