Our field technicians will inspect your feeder in place at a time surrounding equipment is not operating. A cursory inspection of clearances and wear can be determined, a report is generated and a plan executed.

Rebuilt feeders in our stock can be loaned to replace a feeder in need of repair. More in-depth inspection of the feeder is performed at our plant, a report including a cost estimate of required repairs is offered to our customer. Instead of loaning a feeder, we will sell a rebuilt feeder and pay for the repairable feeder.



It is less expensive to repair a feeder than to purchase a new one. Feeders can be rebuilt from several to many times depending on their condition. We are currently offering a price to rebuild a customers’ feeder. We have included in the price the disassembly, inspection and repair for wear and/or mechanical issues. This policy helps reduce turn-around time. We include a one (1) year warranty on workmanship, we do not offer a warranty for wear.


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