Cyclones are receivers for low and high pressure systems; they separate transport air from the product once inside the cyclone. Cyclone designs vary and so does their efficiency.

Ultra High Efficiency Cyclone

The WP ultra-high efficiency cyclone has a very high collection efficiency, 99.9+%, the same as a bag filter. This cyclone is much taller in the body and cone sections than our standard cyclones. When the product mass flow rate and size are consistent, and air (CFM) flow does not vary, a filter will not be required.

An involute inlet is used to properly introduce product into the body section. The body section is tall and can include liners, if required, the cone section is also very tall. A secondary cone is placed at the discharge of the cone section. No access doors or other protrusions are included as the interior surfaces need to be as smooth as possible.

Dust Collection & Pneumatic Conveyance

The WP high efficiency cyclone collector has a very high collection efficiency for many products. This cyclone is taller in the body and cone sections than our standard cyclones and is designed to be more than 95% efficient. This cyclone is applied when there would be a downstream filter or other dust collection equipment.

low pressure cyclones



Standard Efficiency Cyclones

The standard efficiency cyclone collector is applied for handling large product volumes and will require secondary filtration. This dust collector design is approximately 90% efficient.


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