Machinery Group

The Machinery Group of LDX Solutions provides various types of Western Pneumatics finger jointers, grinders, wood handling machines and technical support. Click on links below to learn more!

Finger Jointing & Grinding

Structural and Molding Work

Structural And Molding/Millwork

  • Finger jointing and grinding technicians for troubleshooting, maintenance & programming
  • Training for finger jointing and grinding

Finger Jointing Systems


GR 2500 Grinder

GR 2500 Grinder

GR 3500

GR 2500

Are You Interested in Analysis, Assessment & Field Inspections?

Best Parts & Unbeatable Service

LDX Solutions had years of experience providing inspection and mechanical services to a wide range of partners across a myriad of industries. Our job is to find the big and small issues that will take equipment offline. We have parts for not only our engineered and patented systems but others as well.