LDX Solutions Geoenergy E-Tube® Wet ESP

The E-Tube® wet ESP has been used successfully in well over 200 installations over the last 40 years for the removal of aerosols, mists, ultra-fine PM (sub-micron), as well as organic and sticky PM from multiple industrial applications. Through continuous updates it remains the state-of-the-art go to system for particulate matter control.

Geoenergy E-Tube Wet ESP

Wet Electrostatic Precipitator Basics

A wet electrostatic precipitator (wet ESP) uses electrostatic forces to remove particulate matter emissions in exhaust gas streams. It is a particulate matter control device that functions by employing an intense electric field to ionize/charge and capture particles and droplets onto a collection surface. The discharge electrode imparts a negative charge on the particles present in the gas stream as it flows through the collection section. The negatively charged particles are then attracted to the grounded surface of the collection electrode. Wet ESPs have no barriers to gas flow, operate with low pressure drop, and are typically designed for 90 – 99% removal efficiency.

Wet Electrostatic Precipitator

Wet ESP systems provide an efficient solution for particulate emission control requirements where the gas stream already wet (downstream of wet scrubber) or there is a risk of fire.

Shown here is our round tube design. Round tubes perform much better and last longer than the hex tube design.

Wet ESP Basics

Wet ESPs Basics

Wet ESPs operate in saturated gas streams and are typically used with sticky or difficult to handle dust, combustible dusts, or when there is a large amount of sub-micron capture required. By using electrostatic forces, energy costs are minimized when compared to other technologies, and the technology can capture particulate of a size that pass through a venturi scrubber or baghouse.

The control of fine particulate emissions is often one of the most difficult environmental control problems faced by industry. Sub-micron particles present a significant threat to human health and are one of the leading causes of visibility degradation. The Geoenergy® E-Tube® Wet Electrostatic Precipitator is a cost-effective way to control these emissions.

Geoenergy E-Tube® Wet ESP

The E-Tube® wet ESP system is a state-of-the-art air pollution control device that has been used successfully over the last 40 years for the removal of PM from multiple industrial applications. As an industry leader, our design focuses on key design features that provide best in class performance:

  • Round collecting tube design maximizes electric field strength for optimum performance
  • External tube cooling system reduces water consumption and aids in keeping the collection tube walls cleaner
  • Our Star II™ electrode design’s unique shape improves efficiency and helps reduce the overall size and cost of the unit
  • Our Sphere™ adjustment hardware simplifies maintenance and electrode adjustment with its one bolt design

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