Filter bags are used in a baghouse / fabric filter. In a baghouse, a type of industrial air pollution control equipment, filter bags are used to collect the particulate matter (PM) out of the airstream. Filter bags are placed inside of a bag filter housing, known as “cages” or “venturis”.

type of ceramic media used in RTO applications

Filter Bag Basics

Filter bags are manufactured in a wide variety of fabric filter media, finishes, and configurations. The prescribed filter bag type is not only dependent on the baghouse design, but most importantly the specific application. For some designs the dust is collected on the internal side of the bags, while for more current baghouse designs the dust cake builds on the external side of the bags.

Features & Benefits of Filter Bags

LDX Solutions has over 80 years of experience in working with diverse markets and applications by providing high-quality baghouse filter bags in an array of filter media, finishes, and configurations. Since 1947, not only has the baghouse technology changed for greater efficiencies, so have the options for filter bags.

To help ensure that we back-up and support our filter bag recommendations LDX Solutions can provide bag life guarantees.

A few of LDX Solutions’ technology improvements include:

  • Long Bag Technology – effective cleaning with a smaller footprint
  • Venturi Design – test design and the distance of the blow pipe and effectiveness of the pulse down the length of the filter bag

Filter Bag Types
To provide you with a greater understanding of filter options and their efficiencies / resistance effectiveness to the consistency of the particulate, see the below chart.

Aftermarket Supply of Filter Bags and Installation

LDX Solutions offers aftermarket parts, as well as maintenance and support services for all air pollution control (APC) original manufacturer equipment (OEM) brands, not just for LDX Solutions DustexTM installations. If you are planning an outage for bag replacement and know what replacement bags your operation needs, we can support your needs with the proper bags and installation. Not sure? We can look at your application and your current bags to determine if a different filter bag type will better suit your operation. Let our experts evaluate your current operation by performing an audit to assist in identifying any issues, test filter bags (if needed), and make recommendations to hedge off potential future concerns and/or problems.

Our goal is for your APC equipment to operate at maximum efficiency with minimized overall costs. Utilizing the appropriate filter bag type appropriate bag filter type is just as important as the appropriate capital equipment investment.

With our full service and parts supply department, the LDX Solutions aftermarket team can provide you with all the parts and services needed regardless of your particulate matter control equipment – baghouses, cartridge collectors, bin vents, cyclones – to name a few.

type of ceramic media used in RTO applications

Controlled Pollutants of Filter Bags in a Baghouse

Particulate Matter (PM)