Reverse Air Dust Collectors

LDX Solutions has grown from being a leader in portable reverse air dust collectors to a company that now provides a host of solutions for particulate matter. With our comprehensive product line & over 75 years in Air Pollution Control (APC), LDX Solutions has the expertise to bring uniquely valued solutions to any situation. 

  • Dustex® Pulse Jet Fabric Filter
  • Geoenergy® E-Tube® Wet ESP (Electrostatic Precipitator)
  • DustexTM ST Series of high efficiency single tube cyclones
  • DustexTM PC Series of heavy duty primary pre-cleaner cyclones
  • DustexTM ST-10 Series of steel high efficiency multiple tube cyclones
  • DustexTM M-40A cast aluminum multi-clone cyclone
  • DustexTM series of cast iron multi-clone cyclones
Wet ESP at a Biomass Plant in Arkansas

Wet ESP at a Biomass Plant in Arkansas

Primary Markets Served

  • Incinerators (hazardous waste, sewage sludge)
  • Multiple Hearth Furnaces
  • Metallurgical Smelters and Roasters
  • Sulfuric Acid Plants, Sulfuric Acid Mist (SAM) Removal
  • Wood Dryers Including: oriented strand board (OSB), medium density fiber Board (MDF), particle board (PB), industrial wood pellets
  • Panel Board Press Vents
  • Insulation Manufacturing (forming curing, spinning wool chamber, melter exhaust, gutter exhaust)
  • Industrial Boilers: multi-fuel fired, wood fired, hog fuel fired, tire derived fuel (TDF), fuel oil fired
  • Food Products including French fry plants
  • Tire Manufacturing
  • Blue Haze Abatement
  • Refinery Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units
  • Oil Field Sour Waste Gas Incineration
  • Clean-up Downstream of Wet Scrubbers
Particulate Matter

LDX Product & Solutions for Particulate Matter Collection

Find out how LDX Solutions can Optimize your Industry

Further making us the best solution for your Particulate Matter Collection needs is our unparalleled service & life-cycle support.​ See how our Aftermarket team can keep you online & make you more profitable, regardless of the equipment you currently use.