LDX Solutions Has Extensive Biomass Industry Expertise

The widespread growth of the biomass industry is based upon its importance in the renewable energy market that has become a global phenomenon.

“LDX Solutions has been at the forefront, providing the latest cutting-edge technologies, since the infancy of this industry”

Our technology solutions have been used in industrial pellet mills, biofuel, and cellulosic ethanol facilities all the way through biomass boilers at power generating facilities. Whether it is a public utility or private owned facility our air pollution control systems are used throughout the industry, worldwide.


Pellet Mill

Typical pollutants generated in the different biomass industries:

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs)
  • Particulate Material (PM)
  • NOx
  • CO
  • HCl
Typical pollutants generated in the different biomass industrie

LDX Solutions Has The Best Technology For Treatment Of Air Pollutants

Our air pollution control experience for biomass includes Corn Stover, Wood Pellet, Construction Waste, Pulp and Paper plus a variety of other industries.

Our Geoenergy and Dustex technologies are well proven and have a long track record to help with almost any type of contaminant found in the air streams from industrial biomass facilities.

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LDX Solutions had years of experience providing inspection and mechanical services to a wide range of partners across a myriad of industries. Our job is to find the big and small issues that will take equipment offline. We have parts for not only our engineered and patented systems but others as well.