LDX Solutions Has The Industry Experience

Serving the cement industry for nearly 25 years, LDX Solutions has provided air pollution control solutions for many applications:

  • Raw & Finish Mills
  • Material Handling
  • Kilns
  • Alkali By-Pass
  • Clinker Cooler
  • Separators & Finish Mills
  • Ready Mix/Sand Dryers
  • Stockhouse
Cement Plant and power station

LDX Solutions Has The Proven Technologies

Our own Dustex® branded technologies are well proven and have a long track record to help with almost any type of contaminant found in the air streams from cement facilities and typically include:

Particular Matter Plant
Particular Matter Plant

Are You Interested in Analysis, Assessment & Field Inspections?

Best Parts & Unbeatable Service

LDX Solutions had years of experience providing inspection and mechanical services to a wide range of partners across a myriad of industries. Our job is to find the big and small issues that will take equipment offline. We have parts for not only our engineered and patented systems but others as well.