Industry Experience

Serving the cement industry since 1999, LDX Solutions has provided air pollution control solutions for many applications, to include:

  • Raw & Finish Mills
  • Material Handling
  • Kilns
  • Alkali By-Pass
  • Clinker Cooler
  • Separators & Finish Mills
  • Ready Mix/Sand Dryers
  • Stockhouse

Our own DustexTM branded technologies are well proven and have a long track record to help with almost any type of contaminant found in the air streams from cement facilities and typically include:

  • Fabric Filter Dust Collector (Baghouse)
  • Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger
  • Circulating Dry Scrubber (CDS)
  • Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI) System
  • Activated Carbon Injection (ACI) System
  • Cartridge Collector
  • Cyclone
  • SNCR