LDX Solutions Dustex Cyclones & Multicyclones

Dustex Cyclones

Dustex was founded on the basis that there was a need for a good, high-efficiency, cleanable cyclone. As a result of this need and the ingenuity of our founders, cyclones have been our main specialty since 1947.

We design and manufacture five distinct cyclone & multicyclone collector types to meet any of your needs. 

Cyclone Basics

Have you ever been on “the scrambler” at the amusement park? If your answer is “yes”, then you have experienced firsthand the principles of a cyclone. By spinning around on the ride, the person on the outside gets squished by the person on the inside. Why? Because of centrifugal force. This is a form of artificial gravity. In fact, the faster the spin the more “gravitational force” or “g-force” is created and the more quickly the particles move to the outside.

In a cyclone, a process gas, is caused to spin. This creates a “g-force” on everything in the gas. This force causes particles and dust to be moved to the outside of “the ride”. Then when the gas is turned to exit the cyclone, the momentum of the particles allows them to be separated from the gas stream! The longer/taller the cyclone is, the longer the particle is “on the ride”, and the more efficient the separation.

Now you will never look at a cyclone the same.

Cyclone Basics

Dustex Cyclones

Cyclone Basic

With 75 years expertise, we are the right choice with the right solution to meet any challenge.

Designed, Engineered, & Tested to provide the highest possible efficiency with minimum pressure loss, we manufacture five distinct cyclone collectors:

  1. The Dustex® ST Series of high efficiency single tube cyclones
  2. The Dustex® PC Series of heavy duty primary pre-cleaner cyclones
  3. The Dustex® ST-10 Series of steel high efficiency multiple tube cyclones
  4. The Dustex® M-40A cast aluminum multi-clone cyclone

The Dustex® series of cast iron multi-clone cyclones (as shown)

Dustex® Cyclones

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