Assess, Repair, Rebuild

LDX can assess, repair, rebuild, and advise on the next steps to have your blower back in working condition. Common styles are stocked on the shelf for emergency situations. Don’t forget to email or call +1 (800) 647-6167 for a free consultation to assess your operational needs.

Blowers repairs and spare parts

Re-machined housing to a common length, re-machined both impellers to common length and balanced both, replaced set of drive gears due to being worn, and repaired bearing cartridges. We also rebuild other manufacturers’ blowers. Please inquire for more details on our capabilities.

Remanufactured Blowers

We offer remanufactured OEM blowers (Sutorbilt, Roots, etc.) with a similar warranty as new but at a significant cost savings and a shorter lead time.

Remanufactured Sutorbilt Blowers Before


Remanufactured Sutorbilt Blowers After



LDX Product & Solutions for a Cleaner World

For A Cleaner World

Trust LDX Solutions to keep your pollution control and pneumatic conveyance systems up and running at peak efficiency. We service all OEM systems with our “best in industry” Aftermarket Parts and Service.