Mercury is an element, and as such appears naturally in our environment.  In normal conditions it exists in a liquid state, but at a temperature of about 674.1°F (357ºC) – the “boiling point” – it turns to a gaseous form and can be released into the atmosphere.  During mining processes, the mercury is removed from the earth along with the desired ore.  When the material being mined is processed to remove the desired materials or utilized as a fuel in cases such as coal, one of the potential byproducts is the mercury emissions. 

Mercury and glass container on a reflective surface.

Dustex(R) Activated Carbon Injection (ACI)

Our Experience

Since 2006, LDX Solutions has been designing and supplying systems capable of mitigating up to 99% removal of mercury through Activated Carbon Injection(ACI) technologies.

With the use of CFD modeling we can design the most appropriate injection array to ensure even distribution of the carbon. We provide the highest quality components to assure accurate material flow, reduced carbon leakage, and minimum wear and pluggage with our turnkey solutions.

Our experienced designers and engineers have addressed clients’ needs with our ACI systems in many different industries to include:  pulp & paper, cementcoal fired boiler operations, Biomass/Biofuels, WtE , and diesel fume, to name a few. With dozens of installations, we will continue to demonstrate how our solution will meet your needs.


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