Pneumatic System Analysis and Design Services

WPI skilled technicians are ready to help you improve your operation by:

Reviewing the current pneumatic systems and equipment:
  • Document system as-built.
  • Review compliance to NFPA regulations.
  • Measure performance of the system as-built.
  • Assess equipment wear and integrity.
Recommending areas for improvement:
  • System redesign as necessary.
  • Modification of equipment and/or new equipment.
  • Explosion venting, isolation and/or suppression.
In our initial discussion, we will:
  • Agree on equipment and systems to focus on.
  • Clarify NFPA compliance expectations and identify relevant authority having jurisdiction.
  • Clarify arrant dust expectations.
  • Review available documentation and photographs.
  • Discuss budget.
  • Arrange next step, Site Visit.
On our site visit, we will:
  • Document the current system configuration with schematics, CAD drawings and photographs including equipment, buildings, processes and geography.
  • Assess condition of current equipment including wear, corrosion, weld and joint integrity.
  • Take performance measurements of airflow, velocity, temperature and humidity.
  • Discuss initial impressions and suggestions. Brainstorm possible solutions.
After the site visit, we will:
  • System redesign as necessary to provide proper velocities for the given dust properties.
  • Analyze capture points and provide solutions for better dust capture.
  • Evaluate existing equipment and provide trade-off between upgrading versus new equipment.
  • Develop equipment explosion venting plan:
  • Evaluate system for appropriate isolation via abort valves, flap valves and/or feeders.
  • Evaluate spark detection and suppression system, where appropriate.
In conclusion, we will provide:
  • CAD layout of the proposed new system.
  • Recommendations for modifications of existing equipment.
  • Venting, isolation and suppression plans to meet customers requirements.
  • New equipment drawings and specifications.

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