A surge/metering bin has three components, the storage area, the conveying section, and a support structure. The storage area is sized to handle a certain volume of product and sits directly above the conveyor section. The conveyor can be a chain or screw moving product from the storage area to a discharge with a constant mass and volume. A support structure is required as the surge/metering bin is typically feeding a down-stream piece of equipment.

The surge/metering bin discharges product at a specified rate of flow into a feeder which introduces product into a high-pressure system. High-pressure systems work best when product is fed into the system at a constant flow rate.

Surge bins vary in size and metering capacity. Placed in front of a high-pressure system, they allow the high-pressure system to operate at higher capacity. If a valve is included in a high-pressure system, the surge bin allows the valve to operate without handling the product while the valve is changing ports.

surge bins

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