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Project Overview

Increasing a mill’s capacity to process black liquor while maintaining mill efficiencies.

Date: 2018
Solution Type: Evaporation

As part of a market with growing demand for their finished products, a large pulp and paper mill in the southern US planned to increase its production and in doing so created an issue with its current capacity to process black liquor efficiently and maintain current economy levels.
The customer contacted Lundberg to help them understand how they could increase their capacity and still maintain cost effective and efficient operations.

Lundberg performed a detail study of the mill’s current operating conditions and developed innovative, out of the box solutions that addressed the capacity increases required but still fell within the mill’s rigorous capital project approval process.

The Lundberg solution included the addition of two new REX crystallizers; a new sixth effect evaporator; an auxiliary surface condenser, plus various liquor and condensate flash tanks and pumps.

The results were the mill was able to continue firing the recovery boiler at >77% solids while maintaining the original steam economy levels.

Kraft Pulp and Paper Mill ASC-Lift-V